Lansing, Michigan


David Mittleman

What is All the Buzz About Bridget Mary McCormack for Michigan Supreme Court Justice?

Two weeks ago Bridget Mary McCormack walked and talked the gauntlet on Off the Record with Tim Skubick and his gang. She let them know exactly where she stood on issues that she could talk about…

David Mittleman

Representatives Brown and Byrum Stand Up For Women; Get Silenced By Conservatives

This week, during an emotional debate over a pair of bills that would make Michigan’s abortion laws among the most restrictive in the nation, two female State Representatives delivered…

David Mittleman

Facebook Posts Could Cost You a Job

You'd better think twice before you post a drunken picture of yourself at the Super Bowl party last night–employers are using the social networking website to weed out potential employees…

Nolan Erickson

Michigan Town Helps Dream Come True For Nebraska Teen

About a month ago, the story of Julia Sullivan began to receive national attention. Julia, a sixteen-year-old Nebraska resident who was born without legs and with arms that end at her elbows, had…

David Mittleman

Anti-Union Measures Jeopardize Employee Rights

For decades, unions have been protecting and representing many workers in Michigan, giving them a fair shot against corporate bargaining interests. Recently, however, so-called…

David Mittleman

Obama Touts Law Allowing Job Seekers to Sue for Discrimination Based on Unemployment

Statistically speaking, unemployment levels are slowly improving in some areas of the country. For the most part, however, the job situation in much of the U.S., including Michigan, remains…

David Mittleman

Girl With No Arms or Legs Argues Discrimination in Cheerleading Tryout Cuts

Julia Sullivan was born with no arms or legs, but has learned how to adapt. She is a 16-year-old high school student who participates in the school marching band by attaching a cymbal to her…

David Mittleman

Exotic Dancers Settle With Gentlemen’s Club Over Fair Labor Standards Act Violation

Exotic dancers from Déjà Vu and affiliated gentlemen’s nightclubs run by Cin-Lan, Inc. and Déjà Vu Consulting recently settled with the companies over alleged…

David Mittleman

Wisconsin Prosecutor Attempted to Cover Up “Sext” Messages Sent to Domestic Abuse Victim

A Wisconsin prosecutor is pleading with state officials to keep his sexting case quiet after he allegedly sent over 30 sexually suggestive messages to a client that he was supposed to be defending….

David Mittleman

Ex-Hooters Waitresses Win First Round in Court Battle Over Weight Discrimination

A Macomb County judge has ruled that two former employees of a Hooters restaurant in Roseville, MI can proceed with their cases alleging weight discrimination. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about…