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Michigan politics have been in the news quite a bit lately, and not for good reasons. Earlier this year, a candidate for the State House of Representatives switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican and faced off against an apparent sham Democratic replacement. That incident, which included allegations against the Republican Speaker of the House, resulted in a State Police election fraud investigation that may have been ended prematurely and has shaken the confidence of many Michigan voters.

A new controversy is brewing over the race for Michigan Supreme Court Justice. With three seats up for grabs, the 2012 election has incredibly high stakes. Although the position is non-partisan, Democrats are backing three female candidates: Bridget Mary McCormack, Judge Shelia Johnson, and Judge Connie Kelley. A new candidate has emerged, a woman backed by the “Taxpayer Party,” who has pledged to raise and spend less than $1,000 for her campaign. To date, she appears to be expending no effort to persuade voters that she is the best candidate for the important job of Supreme Court Justice.

Interestingly, the new candidate has worked as a Republican staffer in Congress and has worked for current Chief Justice Robert Young, a staunch conservative.

Michigan Democratic Party Mark Brewer has asked the current GOP-backed Justices to disclose what they know about this new candidate. Party officials are concerned that, similar to the party-switch scandal, the candidate is a sham intended to draw votes away from the other female candidates and ensure the success of the GOP’s choices.

The great thing about our democracy is that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to participate. Activities that subvert the political process and deceive voters are repugnant to our freedom to choose our lawmakers. Any attempt to rig an election should be investigated and, if proven true, be considered a serious violation of the principles we hold dear.


  1. Gravatar for Phil

    Sounds like an accusation with absolutely no support.

    Why does the media treat Mark Brewer like he has any credibility on these issues? If there is proof of collusion, lets see it; otherwise, Brewer (and the media especially) should not put out these stories implying some sort of fraud going on.

  2. Mark Bello

    "Phil": Here is an accusation WITH support: Republican Party supported and appointed Supreme Court Justices and appellate judges have decimated justice in Michigan, siding with big business, big insurance and against ordinary citizens the vast majority of the time. Seriously injured and disabled victims are left to fend for themselves and/or be supported by the taxpayers rather than be compensated by the wrongdoers and the insurance companies that accepted (and was paid to accept) the risk. These same "pro-business", "pro-insurance" interests have permeated the Michigan Legislature, as well. That these same political interests would resort to something like this is hardly a stretch. Not saying that Brewer's allegations are true, just saying...

  3. Gravatar for Todd

    So it's just a coincidence that someone who used to work for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court decided to run as a third party candidate? Proof of collusion or not, that's pretty darned suspicious.

  4. Gravatar for Ben

    Sounds like Brewer wants to control who another political party rightfully nominates

  5. David Mittleman

    Phil,can we agree the way our 'Supreme Court Justice' elections are conducted in MI is a fraud on the public? candidates are nominated by their political party then the people are told to vote for them on the 'non-partisan' portion of the ballot,please....during the course of my career i have witnessed the demise of the 'independent' branch of government....its sad and dangerous...thank U for reading and taking the time to respond

  6. Gravatar for Phil

    There have been several news stories the past few days on this (see the excellent piece in MIRS interviewing Ms. Barry). Long story short, Ms Barry has denied any collusion with any of the current Justices or anyone in the GOP, and all of the Justices (through the Court spokeswoman) have denied any contact with Ms Barry. So much for collusion and fraud.

    As to some of the other comments about the Court and the judicial selection process, perhaps those are reasons to support other candidates or to reform the process. But it certainly does not HELP the process we have no or encourage confidence in our courts to have completely unsubstantiated accusations of fraud set out to try to tarnish people who have not done anything wrong. Mark Brewer in particular has shown that he will do or say anything when it comes to MSC elections, and I find this to be the real shame and the real sham that is perpetrated on Michigan voters.

  7. David Mittleman

    Phil,lets see what Sept brings us when the MSC TV attack ads start...will any of the MI GOP ads against McCormack,Johnson or Kelley hit below the belt? stay tuned

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