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Characters from the beloved TV series “The West Wing” have reunited to convey an important message ahead of November’s election. Josh, Toby, CJ, and President Bartlet – in classic West Wing walk and talk fashion – discuss the need for all citizens to vote in the non-partisan section of their ballots:

As the cast points out, the stakes are high. Three seats on the Michigan Supreme Court are up for grabs this year, so the result of the non-partisan vote has the potential to shape Michigan law for years to come. Recently, the Michigan Supreme Court has been derided as lacking judicial independence and for deciding cases based on political objectives. Bridget Mary McCormack receives a specific mention in the spot for her tireless efforts to promote access to justice and to give citizens a fair shake in court.

The all-star West Wing cast includes Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney, Lily Tomlin, and several other well-known actors. A group of this caliber coming together for a four-minute voter education spot shows how important it is to vote the entire ballot.

When you go to the polls this November, remember to find the non-partisan section of your ballot and vote for Michigan Supreme Court Justice. DON’T GIVE YOUR BALLOT BACK UNTIL YOU VOTE FOR JOHNSON, KELLEY, AND MCCORMACK. It takes three!


  1. Gravatar for Vern Dennis
    Vern Dennis

    I have no vote in Michigan but I do think (1)that one should one should never blindly vote a straight party ticket, and (2) one should become informed on the so-called non-partisan portions of the ballot. They are NOT non-partisan but they are important

  2. Nolan Erickson

    The Michigan Supreme Court election is incredibly important, and most voters are in the dark about who to vote for. Michigan lawyers, who deal with the nuances of state law on a daily basis, are firmly behind McCormack, Johnson, and Kelley. A poll conducted by the unbiased Michigan Lawyers Weekly shows huge support for those three candidates:

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