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David Mittleman

Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club Has a Big Problem, or Not

I have been a member of the Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) since it opened over 25 years ago.  It is the premier health club in the State of Michigan.  In fact, outside of the East Bank Club in Chicago, […]

Mick S. Grewal Sr

MSU Lawsuit Alleges Violation of Standards, Lack of Follow Up

In civil litigation, alleged victims outline sexual penetration disguised as treatment. While there are treatments that involve intravaginal manipulation, the American Osteopathic Academy describes those as “rare.”  In those rare instances when the procedure is used, Dr. Mark Cantieri of […]

David Mittleman

MSU to Take a Cue from PSU?

So far today, 2 former Penn State University administrators pleaded guilty to child endangerment.  Ex-Athletic Director Tim Curley and former University Vice President Gary Schultz.  They along with former President Graham Spanier were scheduled for a criminal trial next week, […]

David Mittleman

MSU – No Fly Zone, But Education

Michigan State’s football team in 2013 was praised for its “No Fly Zone” defense, but before that, in 2004 former MSU doctor Nassar wrote a chapter of a textbook about sports medicine where he described a patient’s sensitive area as […]

David Mittleman

MSU – Sports Illustrated Just Nailed It

“Could Lawrence Nassar have been prevented from assaulting dozens of athletes?” -Lauren Green, Sports Illustrated, March 3, 2017 The answer is “yes,” it’s not even debatable.  At the request of the Indianapolis Star, a judge released more than 5,600 pages […]

David Mittleman

MSU – Where is the Integrity?

As more and more former patients of Larry Nassar step forward with stories that, by now, are all too familiar, Michigan State University finds itself facing maybe the most important question in its 162 year history:         […]

David Mittleman

Is Michigan State’s Sexual Assault Scandal an Example of Gender Bias?

As of the writing of this blog, 26 women are suing MSU and its former employee Larry Nassar.  That number is certain to grow in the coming days and weeks.  The complaints allege that Nassar assaulted girls and young women […]

David Mittleman

Carol Siemon the Best Choice for Ingham County Prosecutor

August 2 we have an important decision.  We need a new Ingham County Prosecutor.  I have studied, read, observed, and learned about all the candidates.  Based on all the available information, one candidate stands out as the best – Carol […]

David Mittleman

Juries Award Multi-Millions in Talcum Powder Suits This Year

Jury Awards $55 Million in St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Trial – May 2016 A St. Louis, Missouri jury slapped Johnson and Johnson with a multi-million dollar verdict after a woman claimed their Talcum Powder products gave her ovarian cancer.  This […]

David Mittleman

No Jail if Alleged Defendant Can’t Afford to Pay Fines

On May 18, the Michigan Supreme Court held a public hearing on the proposed amendments of ten different Michigan Court Rules. After hearing from many speakers, the Supreme Court ultimately adopted the proposed changes this week.  These changes require that […]