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| Grewal Law, PLLC

So far today, 2 former Penn State University administrators pleaded guilty to child endangerment.  Ex-Athletic Director Tim Curley and former University Vice President Gary Schultz.  They along with former President Graham Spanier were scheduled for a criminal trial next week, with jury selection to begin on March 20.  Political maneuvering has kept this matter unresolved for over 4 years.  The 3 were involved with handling a 2001 complaint by a graduate assistant who said he saw a retired football coach, Jerry Sandusky, sexually abusing a boy in a team shower.  They did not report the matter to police or child welfare authorities.

Michigan law defines child abuse, identifies individuals required to report, and sets for penalties for failing to report.  A child is anyone under 18 years old.  Individuals required to report child abuse or neglect, in writing to a county department with copies to the prosecuting attorney, probate court, and law enforcement agency include physicians, school administrators, counselors, and teachers, who have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect.  These mandated reporters shall make an immediate report by telephone and to follow up in writing within 72 hours.  A person who is required to report is civilly liable and can be guilty of a misdemeanor or felony each punishable by a fine and imprisonment.

The parallels between PSU and MSU are eerily similar.  However the institutional wrongdoing at MSU has gone on for a longer period of time involving more victims.  And Michigan State University employees were told on multiple occasions by young girls from 1997 through 2014.  In 2014 the Dean of the Osteopathic Medicine school at MSU imposed restrictions on Nassar but never told the medical staff, followed up adequately, or told patients or parents of patients who were under age 18.

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  1. Gravatar for Tim Berton
    Tim Berton

    I don't know where you get "political maneuvering" as the reason for delays in the Spanier trial. It was appeals and very slow rulings by judges. Do you believe the judges took so long because politicians told them to?

    Curley and Schultz filed a motion to dismiss the failure to report charge in late 2011 or early 2012. A judge finally ruled on it in 2017 and dismissed it for being beyond the statute of limitations.

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