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In late 2016 and early 2017 I started alerting people about Larry Nassar, MSU, Twistars, USAG, and USOC (now USOPC), before the international coverage.  Now I write to let you know what I have found out during my early investigation and 1st hand accounts with survivors of what looks to be yet another Massive Institutional Failure.  According to reports, U of M, knew about significant deviant behavior by the late Dr. Robert Anderson for over 4 decades and is complicit by having enabled him for well over 2 decades.

The early 1st hand accounts of survivors have revealed facts that are salacious and disgusting.  The breach of trust by yet another physician strikes an all-too-familiar chord.  This time the survivors are not young girls and women but rather seem to be predominately male athletes like football players, hockey players, and wrestlers.  I am told by experts trained about the effects and psychological impact on this group of survivors that this type of experience can be profound, deeply traumatizing, and result in PTSD with physical manifestations.  Also at risk from this predator were members of the gay community as far back as the early 70s and into the early 2000s.  Minors at the time of abuse may also be involved.

To its credit, U of M has attempted to get out in front of this scandal by offering free counseling to people alleging injuries as a result of this scandal.  Based on my experience, there should also be counseling offered to family members to be better trauma-informed.   I hope the U of M has learned something from how poorly MSU handled its scandal, which still isn’t over.  If you have information pertaining to the conduct of Robert Anderson or the University of Michigan’s handling of these claims, contact the State of Michigan Attorney General at 517-335-7622 or

The Grewal Law Firm is available to help; we have the experience, trauma-trained staff and ability to help you through your process, on your timeline.

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