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Uber Drivers Rate You Too!

Uber Explosion

In this age of endless “apportunity”, few apps provide the utility and convenience of Uber. This app, which has revolutionized “ridesharing”, is becoming one of the top used apps among smartphone users.  Across the country people of all age ranges are pulling out their phone to flag an Uber. With Uber, you can see where your ride is, what make/model of vehicle to watch for, who your driver will be, and most importantly your driver’s rating. The ability to prescreen and select drivers graded on a five-star scale is brand new and customers are grateful. Now we know exactly what we’re getting into even before the car is in sight. But drivers are not the only people rated in this relationship.

Rating is a Two-Way Street

Knowing the quality of driver is a comforting concept for passenger, but did you know that the drivers also rate the customers? Every time a driver makes a drop off they input a rating for the passenger on the same five-star scale used for them. Using this rating, a driver can choose not to answer a request from a poorly rated passenger. The intention of this is not to exclude people, but to create a sense of mutual respect between drivers and passengers. If you have a poor customer rating, you will have a tougher time getting an Uber than your higher rated cohorts.  You can easily find your Uber rating by emailing Uber Support at

Keys to a Good Rating

It is not hard to guess what it takes to maintain a quality customer rating. It is as simple as following “The Golden Rule”; treat the drivers as you would want to be treated. While this is an easy rule for the majority of us to follow, some horror stories from drivers show why a customer rating system is needed. There are many lists of do’s and don’ts, but the important things to keep in mind are as simple as: be on time for your ride, input correct pickup/drop-off information, and be polite. Staying away from things such as: using a condescending tone, eating, and being drunk and disorderly, will help maintain a quality rating.

The era of “the customer is always right” is over. If you’re a customer with a poor rating, a driver has the option to decline your ride requests in the future. Some may have a problem with the idea of being graded as a customer, but developing an atmosphere of mutual respect doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Reality checks of this nature may be just what some people need to keep in tune with reality.



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