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| Grewal Law, PLLC

The family of a young Texas model is grieving after their daughter was horrifically injured in a freak accident involving a small aircraft. Lauren Scruggs, 23, a wardrobe designer for the hit TV show, Gossip Girl, had just stepped off of a small airplane at a private airport in McKinney, TX when she walked past the still-spinning propeller. She was taken to a Dallas hospital where her hand was amputated and doctors also treated her for a fractured skull.

According to recent reports, Lauren’s parents believe that she was walking to the pilot cockpit to thank him for showing her Christmas lights during the flight when she was mangled by the blades. Lauren’s mother was with her daughter as she waited for the emergency helicopter to arrive to take her to the hospital. Doctors told Lauren’s parents that she will likely face a long and grueling recovery because of her head injuries.

Along with the amputation of her left hand, Lauren’s parents also fear that she will lose sight her left eye. They are hoping that she regains her sight and full brain function, and she has made some progress by opening her right eye and telling her family that she loves them. She also did well during her operations and has been told about her injuries.

Some people are still questioning how Lauren walked into the blades of the airplane, but experts say that it isn’t as unfathomable as it may seem. They note that aircraft engines are extremely loud, much louder than the whirling of the blades, and that she may not have realized that the propeller was as close as it was. Because of the loud noise of the engine, she would’ve needed to be acutely aware of the location of the blades in order to avoid them. For this reason, most pilots won’t let any passengers out of the aircraft before turning off the engine and the propellers.


  1. Gravatar for Kelly Filgo
    Kelly Filgo

    I find it hard to believe, but you have completely misreported this story. She walked into a moving propeller on a small airplane, not the rotors of a helicopter as you report.

    Even more incredible, your links that reference the word "helicopter" all go to stories specifically mentioning that it was a small airplane. How can you not know the difference, Mr. Mittleman?

    I hope you check your facts better for your clients.

    Kelly Filgo

    Private Pilot

  2. David Mittleman


    Thanks for reading my blog and pointing out the error. I've made corrections to the article to indicate a small airplane was involved.

    In any case, it's important to be aware of the potential dangers of small aircraft - dangers that can be mitigated by a careful and qualified pilot like yourself.

    Here's wishing for a full and speedy recovery for Ms. Scruggs, as well.

  3. Gravatar for John Terrell
    John Terrell

    It is also Mckinney,Tx, not Mckinley. Your obviously not local but writing about a local event

  4. David Mittleman


    You're right...I have been practicing and living in Michigan for almost 30 years now. I understand the frustration about misspelled city names - before moving to Michigan I lived in Pittsburgh, which is frequently spelled (incorrectly) without the "h". I've made the change in the blog. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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