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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Last week, nearly 200 cars, trucks, and semis were involved in a fatal crash just east of Kalamazoo on I-94.  The huge pile-up included a truck hauling fireworks, whose payload ignited in the ensuing fire.  The story made national news and, for the moment, officials believe icy weather and poor driving behavior are the chief causes of the collision.

What Now?

As authorities try to piece together the moments leading up to the crashes, investigators are seeking photos and videos taken by those involved.  Allegations of price-gouging have surfaced against the towing company involved in the removal of vehicles from the scene.

Is I-94 Dangerous?

Last Thursday’s crash led to the major highway being closed for over 36 hours.  According to many drivers, that particular stretch of I-94 is particularly dangerous.  Although accidents are common there, state officials claim there is no defect in the road design and that the lanes are not more narrow there than anywhere else.

Safe Driving in Bad Weather

The pile-up occurred during a period of icy roads and low visibility.  Every year in Michigan, motorists struggle to adjust to changing weather and poor driving conditions.  Slick roads mean increased stopping time, so be sure to drive slow and leave plenty of room to brake.  Avoid abrupt maneuvers, as they can quickly lead to a loss of control.  Make sure your vehicle has been winterized, and consider keeping a winter safety kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

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