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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Motorcycles Acquire New Safety Features

Motorcycles can be dangerous, which can be due to factors with the motorcyclist such as poor driving skills, distractedness or intoxication.  It may also be other careless drivers on the road who may not share the road very well with motorcyclists or fail to see motorcycles altogether.

Many motorcyclists are irritated when they hear non-motorcyclists say that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars.  While the debate will likely be ongoing, the statistics don’t lie, at least about the number of motorcycle-related accidents and fatalities.  For example, about 15% of all highway deaths involve a motorcyclist, making them 30 times more likely to die on the roads than car or truck drivers.  Furthermore, states where there are no helmet laws show ten times more fatalities compared to states with helmet laws.  Motorcycle-related injuries are also serious, including broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Clearly, it can be dangerous to ride a motorcycle, but manufacturers are starting to incorporate some important safety features on new motorcycles.

  1. Better balance: on bikes such as the Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball seat height is an important safety feature.  The Victory bike has a lower seat, making it easier for bikers to maintain control of the bike at low speeds or while stopped at a red light.
  2. Wireless jacket airbag: the Ducati Multistrada D-Air features the latest in motorcycle safety with its airbag jacket that wirelessly senses the movements of the bike and deploys in the case of an accident.  The airbag deploys in 45 milliseconds, but the bike is unfortunately not available in the U.S. yet.
  3. Anti-lock brake systems: the Harley-Davidson Road King includes Reflex Linked Brakes, or an anti-lock brake system that provides the right amount of brake to whichever wheel needs it most.  This bike also includes halogen headlamps, fog lights, brighter turn signals and brake lights, and more responsive steering, also amping up its safety factor.

These are but a few of the newer bikes hitting the market with advanced safety features.  Although everyone might  not agree on the inherent safety of motorcycles, these new bikes include some important safety features that are good for everyone, no matter their opinion.

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