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Armored Cars In Response to NYC Road Rage

The New York City road rage incident involving motorcyclists attacking the driver of an SUV has sparked plenty of debate about just what can be done to keep you and your family safe from road rage.  Some more drastic measures taken by people is to turn their normal looking cars and SUVs into armored vehicles of sorts.  Some companies offer this luxury form of defense starting at $40,000 for basic packages and going up to $80,000-$100,000 for more mind-boggling forms of protections, including smoke screens and electric shocking door handles.

The Deadly Consequences of Road Rage

What is clear is that road rage can result in deadly consequences.  In Michigan two men wound up dead in Ionia County just last month after an incident of road rage led to a stand-off and shootout.  The two men involved in that incident left their vehicles and used the concealed weapons they were lawfully carrying.  Much like the NYC incident, family members were still in one of the vehicles as they watched their loved one shot and killed in horror.

 What to Do About Road Rage

Authorities recommend that people do not exit their vehicles to confront some who is driving in an aggressive manner.  Someone exhibiting road rage poses a serious threat to the safety of themselves and others, but giving them reason to use their vehicle as a projectile missile is not advised.  It is best to keep calm, and keep safe while remaining inside your vehicle with windows rolled up and car doors locked–or simply getting away from the angry driver in the fastest and safest way possible.  If you find that the other driver is following you, drive to the nearest police station.  When someone is raging, they aren’t in a very rational mindset and it’s not up to you to calm them down, or worse, argue back.  It’s always better to have your health and safety over getting the last word.

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