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Serious auto accidents can happen any number of ways, from rear-end collisions to blown stop signs to drunk or distracted drivers, but one of the scariest scenarios involves a wrong-way driver hurtling through traffic at high speed.  The unexpectedness of the wrong-way vehicle and the high combined speeds involved make a serious, high-energy collision likely, which increases the risk of serious injury.  And for some reason, there seems to be a spate of wrong-way crashes in Michigan this year.

Many Offenders Have Prior Infractions

In at least two high-profile wrong-way crashes that occurred in West Michigan over the summer, the at-fault drivers had suspended licenses when they caused the wrecks.  This has led some observers to wonder if enough is being done to prevent habitually dangerous drivers from getting on the road.  Meanwhile, the Michigan State Police and Department of Transportation are trying to come up with ways to prevent future wrong-way accidents.

Serious Injuries, Fatalities

Unfortunately, wrong-way accidents often occur at high speeds and have unsuspecting victims.  As a result, serious injuries and deaths frequently occur from these head-on collisions. Although wrong-way crashes are difficult to prevent and, thankfully, relatively rare, vigilant defensive driving is your best bet to staying safe on the highway.

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