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Insurance Company Refuses Coverage for Man Injured on Motorized Scooter

George Veness of Center Line, MI was riding his motorized scooter when he was struck by a vehicle.  The accident resulted in serious injuries for Veness because of his condition at the time, which was exacerbated by the accident.  His injuries included a torn scrotum, back wounds, neck and back injury, relocation of a preexisting colostomy, stomach hernias and leg circulation problems.  In total, Veness has accumulated approximately $2 million in medical bills, but his insurance company is refusing to pay because they claim that his motorized scooter should have been insured as a motor vehicle.  The case is currently in court, and if the insurance company wins their argument, the result could mean that all motorized scooter users will be required to insure their scooters.

Insurance Company Contends Motorized Scooter Should be Classified as a Motor Vehicle

Currently, Veness requires another surgery that his doctors says is urgent to save his life.  However, Veness is out of funds and the insurance companies involved, State Farm and Farm Bureau, are refusing to budge on the matter.  According to attorneys for the companies, the motorized scooter that Veness was riding on should be categorized as a motorized vehicle under Michigan’s No-Fault Act.  Specifically, attorneys stated: “Plaintiff’s mobility scooter was a motor vehicle because it was operated on a public highway by a power other than muscular and it has four wheels”.

Auto Accident Takes Away Man’s Independence

Veness’s injuries originally occurred in 2004 on an on-the-job accident where he fell from a roof and was paralyzed from the waist down.  Despite these life-altering injuries, Veness had plans to travel to Texas to visit his grandchildren this summer prior to the accident, and maintained much of his independence thanks to his motorized scooter.  He required care about three times per week prior to the accident but now requires round-the-clock care.  Needless to say, the recent auto accident worsened Veness’s preexisting condition, to the point where he and his doctors say that he is dying slowly.  Attorneys for Veness say that the insurance companies’ claims that Veness’s motorized scooter should have been insured as a motor vehicle are ludicrous and unfair, considering that many motorized scooter users are on fixed incomes and would have to reach farther into their pockets to insure an additional “vehicle” vital to their ability to get around.


  1. Gravatar for paula talley

    it's crazy to say a wheel chair is a motorized vehicle! the insurance co just wants to get out of paying, meantime they are putting his life in jeopardy! they need to settle this so he can get the surgery he desperately needs!

  2. Gravatar for joyce

    This is my brother who I love very much and take the risk of losing him forever due to these crazy insurance companies and not doing that which is right, they are responsible. Everyday that goes by my brothers condition continues to worsen. A wheelchair and scooter is NOT a motorized vehicle, what is wrong with these people. I just hope that nothing happens to my brother, brother of six before they get him the surgery that he has needed for awhile now , wrongful death is what I think it is called ! This is ludicrous, for my brother to make it through his fall becoming a paraplegic, but never once giving up, always remaining positive with an upbeat spirit, living his live and planning on traveling and doing things, and now this. It is just crazy. You people need to do that which you know is right before it is to late for him. He has a very large support group on this, just saying !

  3. Gravatar for Sherri White

    It's all about the money. I would be ashamed to think that I had the ability to help a life with the stroke of a pen & chose to chase the money instead.

  4. Gravatar for Shirley Morris

    It would be a tragedy to allow George Veness to die because insurance companies want to dispute ridiculous issues. Let this man have the life-saving surgery immediately.

  5. Gravatar for kim norman

    I cant. Understand why george is getting. Such a hard time. Getting. His surgery. That he need. This is killing him ,he is to good of a man to go ot like this.. i know george and work for him .i see what he is going. Through. Why do we pay for insurance. If. They are not helping when you need them.

  6. Gravatar for kim norman

    My name is. Kim norman. I work for centra. My supervisor. Name is chris. And he beening doing everything. To keep homecare. Going he came to see. George. Verness and told him not to worry. He would make sure. He got his 24 hour care that he so badly needs . And his other two aides are. Chelsea love and treasure. Crane ..George. aides are been doing over are call of duty s. Do do everything. We can and putting. Are personal. Lives aside to help. George and seen him go through. Suffering. And pain that is endless. For him. Each day that go by. He is getting. Worse. If you like to contact. George. Verness. His email is

  7. Gravatar for anonymous



    10 hours ago

    He states he is in a lot of pain, yet he sells his pain killers that Dr. Ruben prescribes to him. There is no sympathy here. He is the meanest and most racist person ever and always acts as a victim in everything. There is no way to prove that any of his new injuries are caused from the driver "tapping him". And i think we all can agree that there is no way that the accident caused him to have a infectious bone disease. Insurance is not going to cover a scooter or surgery dude and good luck trying to prove that your injuries have anything to do with being tapped by a car.

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