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According to news reports, a routine traffic stop was interrupted by another vehicle exceeding the speed limit. A police officer had pulled over a motorist on Business US-127 when, at approximately 11:30pm on April 24, 2010, the other vehicle nearly hit the patrol car. According to police statements, the vehicle matched the description of a vehicle allegedly involved in a hit and run accident earlier in the evening.

After a frantic chase covering parts of Clinton and Ingham counties, the vehicle was traveling approximately 70-80 mph on Lake Lansing road when may have hit a curb on a roundabout and crashed into a utility poll. It is believed the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the crash, although nothing has been confirmed at this time.

Fortunately, only the driver of the vehicle was injured in this accident. The investigation is still on going, but police say criminal charges are pending against the individual for his erratic driving.

It’s difficult to say what would cause a person to drive in such a manner, but if the allegations of intoxication are true then it would make some sense. If the driver were intoxicated, it might seem like a good idea to flee the scene of an accident to avoid getting caught, but at the same time, running away from the accident is much more serious than the punishment associated with just hitting another car while intoxicated.

This kind of behavior is what makes drunk driving so dangerous. What would normally be a simple decision, staying at the scene of an accident, turns into something much more serious and potentially dangerous. It’s not clear what injuries, if any, were sustained in the accident this driver was fleeing from, but hopefully they are alright.

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