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A few weeks ago, we got to participate in one of the most important exercises in any free democracy – the general election. And while some of us might be elated, some obviously disappointed in some of the outcomes, at least we can take solace in the fact that voters asserted their constitutional right to be heard. But what happens when corporations and insurance companies use their economic might to slowly, and often secretly, erode your access to the justice system?

You may not realize it, but your right to a jury trial is under attack on a daily basis. From fine-print mandatory binding arbitration clauses to “tort reform” statutes that essentially immunize negligent conduct, your ability to have your day in court is slowly diminishing.

Take Justice Back, an initiative of the American Association for Justice, is dedicated to setting the record straight. By debunking the misleading propaganda of corporate America and setting forth the facts, Take Justice Back hopes to expose the all-out assault on your Seventh Amendment right.

How can you get involved? You can follow Take Justice Back on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news. You can also contact your State Senator and State Representative and tell them to put the rights of people before corporate interests.

Let’s work together to protect our rights from big businesses and insurance companies!


  1. Gravatar for jc

    I agree with Dave, we need to allow free access to the courts by aggrieved doctors so they can countersue plaintiff attorneys for frivolous malpractice lawsuits which plaintiff attorneys file every day. By allowing doctors to countersue plaintiff attorneys, we will bring balance into the medical legal judicial system. Right now, plaintiff attorneys lose 85% of all malpractice lawsuits that go to trial. Shouldn't these plaintiff attorneys have to be subjected to the same rigorous standards as the medical profession?

  2. Gravatar for jc

    A pediatrician treated a 3 yr old for ear infections with an antibiotic. Mom was instructed to followup and did. 5 days later, the child became lethargic and Mom was advised to take the kid to the ER. In the ER the kid was difficult to arouse and a spinal tap showed antibiotic resistant bacterial meningitis. The kid was in the hospital for a month and got a shunt for her hydrocephalus. The child lived a healthy life for 20 years or more.

    During that 20 years the pediatrician was sued. There were two unanimous defense verdicts and two trips to the court of appeals and a trip to the state supreme court. But after 20 years the doctor was finally found innocent.

    Shouldn't the pediatrician be allowed to countersue the plaintiff's attorney for over zealous litigation? After all this was a frivolous lawsuit with two unanimous jury verdicts and the doctor had to suffer thru 20 years of litigation. Where is David Mittleman in this case?

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