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An Anaheim, California woman had less than a magical time at the Disneyland theme park when she fell from a tram and hit her head hard enough to cause her permanent brain injuries that will require lifetime 24-hour care. The Disney Company has settled the suit.

The woman was riding the Disneyland tram towards a parking lot with her two sisters and her niece when she fell. The lawsuit alleged that the tram driver was speeding, which Disney denied, claiming that the trams have a device limiting them to a maximum speed of 11 mph. The Disney Company maintains that it is committed to safety as its top priority.

One Comment

  1. Gravatar for Joel

    First off, Disneyland is in Orange County not Los Angeles.

    The parking lot tram has high sides to rest your arm and to keep you inside. To fall out of the tram you would have to stand up in motion or plan to fall out and have a suit against Disney.

    It is a shame that Disney has to go through this. They do need to show that they care about their guests but it is obviously a sham.

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