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| Grewal Law, PLLC

I’ve written several blogs on the dangers of undergoing plastic surgery when you aren’t clear about your doctor’s credentials. One recent and tragic story exemplifies the importance of checking out your doctor before you undergo any procedures, including doing your research on their background.

One patient got a shock of a lifetime when she discovered that her butt injections were made out of flat-tire sealant, cement, and mineral oil. To make matters worse, her incisions were then sealed shut with super glue. The fake doctor who preformed the procedure, Oneal Ron Morris, never studied medicine but promised the victim a rounder, curvier bottom for $700. Apparently, at one point during the procedure, the victim told Morris that the pain was unbearable, but Morris assured her that nothing was wrong and that everything was fine. Morris was arrested last Friday.

The victim’s mother later took her daughter to the hospital because of her ongoing complaints of severe abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms, and infected sores on her bottom. When doctors discovered the victim’s true problem, they contacted the Department of Health. The victim paid large medical bills and now cannot work because of her unbearable pain. Morris is out on bond but faces charges of practicing medicine without a license and serious bodily injury.

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