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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Columbia, MO–two doctors at the University of Missouri Hospital settled with a couple who filed a medical malpractice suit after the wife, Susan Martin, was hospitalized for gastrointestinal-related condition. While treating Susan for dehydration–a common condition associated with gastrointestinal conditions–the doctors gave her nutritional supplements through an IV. Unfortunately, the doctors placed the IV in her subclavian artery, which is right below the collar bone, instead of her subclavian vein. As a result, the erroneous placement of the IV caused fatty acids to travel to her brain for five consecutive days. Susan suffered strokes, neurological damage, and cognitive devastation and is now physically and mentally disabled.

The two doctors originally named in the lawsuit were junior first-year resident Timothy Geiger and his attending physician, Dr. J. Stephen Scott. In court documents, the doctors maintained that Susan’s strokes could’ve been caused by pre-existing conditions. Nevertheless, the two settled with the Martins for $2.5 million and have refused to comment any further on the settlement.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys contended that as a result of the strokes, Susan will require life-long care for her daily living activities. Furthermore, according to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Susan’s husband, William Martin, is currently attending to her needs.

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