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| Grewal Law, PLLC

In the hair styling business, people are willing to pay big bucks for long-lasting, silky smooth locks. Keratin hair treatments now seem to be the preferred method of attaining a head-turning hairdo.

Once available only from pricy professional stylists, keratin hair treatments are now available over-the-counter in affordable do-it-yourself kits. As it turns out, these at-home treatments have left some customers with more than just extra money on their hands.

A sizeable number of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion users have taken to the internet with claims that the product has made their hair fall out. Other consumers claim to have been left with badly damaged hair requiring drastic intervention in the form of aggressive hairstyle modification (read: getting their hair chopped off). Suave has discontinued the product and provided resources to customers who have questions about the product’s safety and effectiveness.

This dustup "highlights" (please forgive the pun) a truly important issue in consumer product safety. The vast majority of products available are safe to use as directed. That’s a key concept that consumers should remember in order to keep themselves safe: Follow the directions! Too many people are injured when they fail to heed (or even read) the manufacturer’s guidance. In some cases, of course, the product in question cannot be rendered safe or the manufacturer should anticipate consumer misuse or confusion. In those cases, the manufacturer has a greater burden to ensure the safety of their customers.

Reviews of keratin treatments are decidedly mixed. If you choose to use the treatment, or any product for that matter, follow the directions and you should be fine.


  1. Gravatar for Brenda Nasalroad
    Brenda Nasalroad

    I used the Suave Keritin 30 day treatment, my hair is ruined. It has been 60 days since I used the product purchased at walgreens. Myhair is straight lifeless and loooks awfu. I had thick natural curly hair, now I'm embarrassed at the way I look when I have to go anywhere. Suave has no ansers except cut it off or let it grow out. This is ridiculous. Can anything be done?

  2. Gravatar for Carole anne
    Carole anne

    I'm having to chop my hair off as well- they were totally deceptive in their marketing of their product- no where did it say it was a straightner and 3 months later my hair is totally ruined. My naturally curly hair is destroyed. How can a company do this to someone? Do not use this product!!!

  3. Gravatar for Deborah

    I used the Suave Keratin Infusion kit on my hair and it is ruined...f-r-i-e-d. I did this about 2 weeks ago and everyday my hair is a little shorter in certain area's. All the way around my face my hair is breaking off. I didn't have bangs but now I do and they are getting shorter by the day. I've tried heavy conditioners to help but nothing seems to help. It took me about 5 years to grow my hair out this long and now it is gone. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and rethink my decision.

  4. Gravatar for Alma

    I used this product in mid April and to date (today is July 4), I have been losing my hair! I have had all of the same problems as the women above; I am so sorry for anyone going through this. I had healthy LONG curly hair, but wanted to try something different for the "30" days as Suave advertised; in which your hair will return to its natural course. My hair is fried, my scalp burns and my hair has been falling off since the first day and every time I wash it; including numerous times throughout the day and night. I contacted Suave and they sent me a $12 and coupons to buy more of its products to compensate for my experience...they should be ashamed! All of my natural curls are gone and the ingredients in this product are STILL killing my hair; what I have left that is. Thankfully GOD blessed me with tons of hair, so I still have about half (if that) of my hair left. Suave...when is when my hair is going to stop falling out by the handfuls? states that it "Discontinued" the product. However, FDA recalled it! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who were deceived by this product! :(

  5. Gravatar for Sarah Dean
    Sarah Dean

    I used this product and my hair turned out amazing!I had thick curly hair and after using it my hair was more wavy,smooth and controllable.I am so mad it was discontinued.I have been searching for something like this forever and now I found it and its gone.People should have read the directions better and processed it exactly how the directions said.I did and the results were amazing.Now I have to pray someone will come out with something similar that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  6. Gravatar for Barb Zufall
    Barb Zufall

    I loved the way my hair looks and feels after using Suave Keratin Kit. My only disappointment is that I can no longer buy it. I followed directions and had no issues with product.

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