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We're so hooked to our Smartphones these days, that it's easy to forget how easily they can change our lives. Yes, it is a positive aspect of technology that we have instant connections with our friends and family, but there are also negatives of our gizmos and gadgets. One such concern is that the use of our Smartphones is linked to brain tumors. So far, some studies have been very conclusive about cellphone safety, but many of these studies are primarily funded by the cellphone industry. In comparison, other more rigorous and impartial studies have found risks.

But brain tumors aren't the only health problem associated with always being linked to your cellphone. Other health problems include sleep disturbances, behavioral changes, reduced sperm count, and erectile dysfunction in men who carry their phones in their front pants pocket. Cellphones also have the potential to harm users by destroying your abiilty to focus, making you sick, hurting your eyes, and causing you additional stress. How can such a small technology contribute to all these problems, you may ask?

Well, for one, we're obsessed with our phones. It never ceases to amaze me that I can sit in a doctor's office and nearly every single patient waiting to be called will be tapping away or touching their cellphone screen. And all that tapping and touching is a breeding ground for germs–one study found that 20-30% of viruses on a glass surface will transfer to your finger tips. In addition to the germs, staring at such a tiny screen can lead to eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, and blurred vision. Finally, always being connected can lead to increased stress. Think of it this way, you're always available so you never have any down time. You can read more ways to avoid the other ill health effects of your cellphone here. Remember to value technology and the freedom that it provides, but don't let it make you its prisoner.

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