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Human Trafficking – The Hospitality Industry Part 2
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Human trafficking enterprises often take advantage of the privacy and anonymity of hotels and motels.  Likewise, the sex trade—modern day slavery—is exploited on cruise ships, concerts, theme parks, and sporting events.  Wherever there is a large number of spectators, there is a demand for commercial sex; think Las Vegas.  Human trafficking happens every day, every hour, every minute and requires a long commitment to combat – today, tomorrow, and until it is eradicated.

Education and increased awareness of just how big of a problem this illegal industry is cannot be stressed enough. Marriot International has trained 500,000 hotel workers to spot signs of human trafficking.  President/CEO Arne Sorenson recently said “Human trafficking is a horrific form of modern slavery that entraps millions of people around the world – by educating and empowering our global workforce to say something if they see something, we are not just standing up for the most vulnerable in society, we are also protecting associates and guests as well as living up to a core company value – serving our world.”

Commercially operated truck stops are often located outside the view of law enforcement and the public.  They seem to be well organized and able to move victims without much oversight.  Groups like Truckers Against Trafficking will hopefully take steps to self-monitor.  The Polaris Project was founded in 2002, helping survivors, building a database, and trying to prevent and disrupt human trafficking.  But I am convinced that, much like with big tobacco and opioids, civil trial lawyers are going to have to go after Corporate America using the civil justice system to bring those profiting from this exploitation to a stop.  I want to be part of that team.

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