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| Grewal Law, PLLC

A North Carolina man, inspired by the movie 127 Hours, decided to hike the Little Blue John Canyon on September 8. Unfortunately, life imitated art when similar to the movie, the man broke his leg while hiking and crawled five miles back to his car.

In 127 Hours, the main character is hiking alone on Little Blue John Canyon when a boulder falls on his arm. He is forced to amputate his own limb to save his life and overcome other tremendous feats. The North Carolina man, Amos Wayne Richards, age 64, fell 10 feet while hiking and dislocated his shoulder. Fortunately, he was able to re-locate his shoulder into the socket, but his leg was severely broken, preventing him from walking. Richards crawled approximately 5 miles back to his car, painstakingly retracing his steps and collecting rain water in his water bottle to survive.

Officials started looking for Richards after discovering his abandoned campsite and then finding his car two days later outside of the trailhead for Little Blue John Canyon. A helicopter located Richards on the trail after he signaled with his flashlight. Richards was treated for his shattered leg and dehydration and authorities say he is lucky to be alive since he told no one of his plans to hike.

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