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Michigan State University’s Title IX Office, which investigates gender discrimination claims, including allegations of sexual assault and harassment, determined whatThey determined she “didn’t understand the ‘nuanced difference’ between sexual assault and an appropriate medical procedure.”  Are you kidding me!  I have now talked to females from age 15 to 36 and some of their mothers and fathers.  I understand how a trusting young girl, who is told by respected adults that she is receiving legitimate medical treatment, would be misled into believing she had not been the victim of a terrible violation of her body.  But the professionals in the Title IX office, which has a responsibility to thoroughly investigate these claims, should have known better.  Based on my years of experience, I have had no problem understanding what this sexual predator, who was enabled by MSU and others, was doing to these girls and young women.  Not even a close call.  It is as clear and simple as knowing right from wrong.

Nassar for years methodically manipulated these young girls, violating them and their trust, emboldened by the recognition of USA Gymnastics, Twistars, and being on staff at MSU Sports Medicine.  I look forward to the day, if need be, that I have MSU’s Title IX office representative on the witness stand and the truth comes out about what the office knew and when they knew it.

MSU now claims they fired Nassar after learning that he was not following “certain employment requirements” put into place following a complaint of misconduct by a 2014 graduate.  When were those “certain requirements” put in place?  Why?  What was the misconduct?  Why did it take so long?  All that we have been told by the school is that these “requirements were not consistently met” and that Nassar “was not forthcoming when questioned about other previous allegations.”  Who else has not been forthcoming?

I have now reviewed the medical records of 2 victims/survivors.  In one set, MSU claimed they didn’t still have copies of, but we do.  Having the benefit of having reviewed medical records for more than 40 years, I have a hunch what was going on here, and why MSU failed to timely stop this monster.  Stay tuned.

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