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| Grewal Law, PLLC

McDonald’s is not happy with one Arizona mom of four. In fact, they seem to be pretty serious about keeping her away from the golden arches, as lawyers for the company recently hand delivered papers prohibiting her from setting foot in eight Phoenix McDonald’s restaurants.

The woman, Erin Carr-Jordan, has become public enemy number one of the fast food giant after she raised complaints over exceedingly dirty play equipment at a McDonald’s restaurant. In fact, she argues that she found antibiotic-resistant Staph or MRSA on the play structure at a Gilbert, AZ McDonald’s after taking samples and sending them to the lab.

Currently, there are no laws regulating play areas in restaurants, although maybe there should be. Carr-Jordan has visited other play structures at McDonald’s restaurants and found similar conditions across the U.S. McDonald’s doesn’t appear to take her concerns very seriously, though, maintaining that it has engaged in dialogue with Carr-Jordan but that she has become exceedingly disruptive to employees and customers at the various McDonald’s restaurants she has visited. Watch the video below for Carr-Jordan’s description of the situation as well as footage of the McDonald’s play structure that Carr-Jordan originally had tested.

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