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Teens Do Many Stupid Things for Fun

Between the "cinnamon challenge", texting while driving, or more classic risky behavior like driving and speeding, teenagers can get themselves into a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, the throes of youth can often propel teens into dangerous behaviors that can mean the difference between health and a life-altering injury or even death.

Girl Jumps from Roof of House and Doesn't Land in Pool

One example of a serious injury that recently occurred and was then put up on YouTube for everyone to see was a teenage girl attempting to jump from the roof of her rental home into a pool below. Unfortunately, she did not land in the pool and instead landed feet-first onto the pavement a few inches away from the water. The video is below, but I warn you, it isn't pleasant to watch.

The girl's mother has since created a GoFundMe page that is getting some flack. Some say that the girl's mother posted the video and started the page as a publicity stunt, but she says that she did it over fears that her daughter wouldn't be able to work. The girl is in the hospital and was prepared to undergo surgery this week. She did not have health insurance at the time of the incident, but has since been added to her father's health insurance policy.

Girl Receives Death Threats

However, her pain didn't end with the fall onto the cement. Since the page was created, she has received multiple snarky comments and even a death threat, she says. She has been particularly criticized for trying to get paid for her poor judgment. Regardless of her poor judgment, the point here is that one silly game can turn into a serious and permanent consequence.

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