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Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court

For almost three decades I have had the pleasure of watching Richard Bernstein grow from young man to prominent attorney.  The position of Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court requires a candidate to have more than impeccable credentials.  More than a strong desire to do good.  Sure, Richard Bernstein has those qualities, but he also has a passion for fairness for all.

Richard Bernstein Postcard V3

Richard Bernstein Postcard V3Richard Bernstein is Prepared

As a Justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, he will listen – and make sure that all sides are heard, and the rule of law is always served.  He is the founder and leader of the Public Service Division with the Sam Bernstein Law Firm.  He has fought for and successfully represented disabled people in numerous high profile cases in Michigan and in other states.  He has garnered numerous distinctions and awards, including CNN – “Keeping Them Honest.”

Life Isn’t Fair, but Judges Should Be

Richard Bernstein was born legally blind.  His unique life challenges have helped fuel his passion for fairness, and has driven his professional, legal, and public service work.  He is tough and determined, having completed 18 marathons and completed an Ironman Triathlon, requiring nonstop swimming, biking, and running.

Over 30% of Michigan’s voters fail to complete voting the entire ballot, and miss the non-partisan section where Richard will be listed.  Richard needs your help to educate others about how to vote for him for Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, both before and on election day.  Vote Tuesday, November 4th, or by absentee ballot.


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  1. Gravatar for Martha Guenett Simmons
    Martha Guenett Simmons

    This is the person every breathing citizen of the state of Michigan needs at the Michigan Supreme Court. Richard Bernstein believes in fairness for each and everyone of us. This is a campaign I can and do believe. Get involved, you will be so happy you did.

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