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If you haven't gotten enough social networking from Twitter and Facebook, you might want to check out Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing websites in history, according to recent reports, because of its uniqueness. In fact, last month 10 million visitors signed onto Pinterest. However, it may be a little more complicated than other social networking sites and take some time to understand how to use it.

It's kind of like a giant bulletin board where you might pull out pages from a magazine and pin them. Instead of searching magazines, users search the Internet and can "pin" pictures they find onto their virtual bulletin boards. Anyone who follows an individual Pinterest user can see what that person has pinned onto their bulletin board.

Although Pinterest was launched two years ago, it wasn't until recently that it really picked up steam. Now it has gained popularity because Facebook included a Pinterest app on its new timeline. Women have particularly fueled interest in Pinterest and use it for everything from gaining drink recipes for parties to home decoration tips and travel ideas.


  1. Gravatar for Jessica Hoerman

    Okay, I'll admit to it. They got me - I am the demographic that spends their evenings "pinning" (while having a glass of wine or two) and I fell for it, completely!

    Lately I've been reading more articles about incorporating Pinterest into a social media business plan, and I'm not sure I'm completely sold on that. I can see how it works in terms of the fashion, food, and nutrition industries. But, the people that I have befriended on Pinterest (yes, majority are women) are really looking for a visual distraction and I'm not sure a whole lot of business can fit within that model. Of course, that was the early commentary on Facebook as well, and now even the naysayer business have their own Facebook Pages, so, we shall see.

    I'm certainly intrigued and will continue to follow it. For anyone curious in joining, I would offer one tip - you can join Pinterest outside of Facebook and Twitter with an email account. Unless you want everyone on Twitter/Facebook to be updated with your "pins," I would recommend the email method.

    So, I see that you neglected to mention whether you are on Pinterest, David?

  2. David Mittleman


    I've been on the site but haven't created an account. It looks like fun. If you figure out a way to work Pinterest into a business model, let me know.

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