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Coyotes are becoming a bigger problem for rural and urban pet owners alike. As a result, animal experts suggest that you keep your pets indoors, or at least keep a very close eye on them when they go outside to keep them protected from coyotes. Coyotes are linked to the snatching of small dogs and cats and may also try to fight larger dogs for territory.

You might not believe that coyotes are a problem, but experts say that they can even be found roaming the suburbs of Ohio. Plus, this time of year is peak mating season for coyotes, which could lead to hormonal increases that would make them more prone to attacking other animals perceived as a threat. However, most coyotes are scared of humans and won't attempt to challenge them. The only exception is a sickly coyote that may be hostile, in which case you should call your local animal control center.

It's always a good idea to keep your cats indoors since there are plenty of other health dangers outside, such as poisonous plants and diseases. It's also a good idea to keep your dog on a leash or make sure you have a tall fence (at least six feet is preferable) around your yard. Animal experts also suggest installing motion sensor lights at the edges of your property and locking down possible food sources such as birdfeeders.

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