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| Grewal Law, PLLC

The housing bust seems to have opened the doors to unusual party locations. Atlanta, GA; Fort Myers, FL; San Diego, CA; and Tempe, AZ, have all had their share of rowdy parties that share one common element – they took place in empty or abandoned homes.

The quaint Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs is home to elegant mansions and busy professionals. The last thing they expected was a raucous Halloween party that lasted past 3:00 a.m. That’s exactly what happened when party planners rented a foreclosed and abandoned mansion and threw a party that was so heavily planned it included shuttle buses to and from a nearby grocery store. The planner was eventually charged with disorderly conduct when residents complained of the party’s excessive noise and traffic gridlock.

Party planners in San Diego were not so fortunate. One man pleaded to burglary charges after a late night rave in a foreclosed home was busted by police. Police have noted the risk factors leading to police involvement as damage and destruction to the homes, along with heightened risk for drug use and underage drinking.

Police in Fort Myers noted that the remnants of parties left the foreclosed homes in shambles, with drywall destroyed, and walls spraypainted.

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