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Summer Fun and Amusement Park Rides

Throughout the summer months, many families will be visiting amusement parks to enjoy some time under the beating sun and get a thrill or two from a quick dip down a rollercoaster or a spin on the kiddie rides. However, there is no shortage of YouTube videos and other documentation to show just how dangerous these rides can be.

Fastest Amusement Park Rides Not Always the Most Dangerous

However, it isn't the fastest rides that are the most dangerous. In fact, smaller rides contribute to 4,000 child injuries per year. Take Destiny Malone, an 8-year-old girl whose arm was broken while riding on a kiddie roller coaster. Her mother hardly expected that Destiny was as injured as she turned out to be, but the proof was indisputable when doctors showed her the X-rays. Destiny broke her arm while merely sticking it out while riding on the seemingly harmless ride.

New Study Shows Carousels May be Most Dangerous

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics looked at amusement park injuries on all types of rides. Specifically, the researchers looked at 4,400 injuries per year or 20 injuries per day. When the researchers reviewed emergency room records, they found that the most common types of rides attributable to children's injuries included carousels at 20%; roller coasters at 10%; and bumper cars at nearly 4%. Industry advocates say they are committed to the safety of all riders, and are quick to point out that injuries are rare and less than 2% account for trips to the ER. However, it's important to heed the warnings and directions posted on rides and not take any chances. The stories of injuries that occur while riding on amusement park rides are just too gruesome to take any chances.

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