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| Grewal Law, PLLC

Just the other day I wrote about the tragic story of a teenage girl who died after undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Similar to the arguments I highlighted in that blog concerning the dangers of wisdom tooth extraction, another man also experienced some severe side effects after undergoing the common oral surgery. In fact, you may know of him by voice only, since he has done commercials for Nissan, Miami Dolphins, and Disney World. His name is Tim Rohe (whose stage name is Tom Cassidy) and he did voiceovers until 2009 when his wisdom teeth extraction surgery went terribly wrong.

Shortly after his surgery, Rohe noticed that he had a clicking in his jaw and he quickly developed TMJ. As a result, he lost his clients and his condition continued to worsen, including slurring his words. People even asked him if he had suffered a stroke. Soon he couldn't even speak and his tongue and lips became almost completely numb. Here is the video he posted on YouTube pleading for help:

Then something strange and miraculous happened. Rohe began taking Ambien for his sleeplessness and during one TV watching session with his girlfriend, he began to speak. No one knows why the drug helps him to speak and some doctors have even accused him of faking his condition. Nevertheless, he continues to take the drug is small doses during the day to help him speak better, but it's still not enough to help him return to work. The main problem is that he cannot take very much Ambien during the day because it makes him too drowsy. He continues to ask for help from the medical community or anyone with suggestions. Watch the effects of Ambien below:

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