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There are a plethora of products available for women attempting to conceive including ovulation predictor kits, pregnancy tests, and other fertility tests. But the fact of the matter is that it takes two to make a baby. However, men have typically had to go to the doctors to have a semen analysis conducted if they had concerns. Now, thanks to the over-the-counter availability of sperm analysis tests men will have the same option to make a convenient trip to their drugstore.

SpermCheck Fertility is set to hit stores in April and Walgreen's and CVS are already selling the sperm-counting test online. The test is $40 and may save men an embarrassing trip to their doctor, although doctors also warn that the product only tests one aspect important for healthy sperm. To use the test, men mix a sample of their semen with a solution provided with the test. A reddish line means that the sperm count is above 20 million per milliliter which is considered normal. A negative test shows no line and means that the man should visit his doctor for further testing. According to tests, SpermCheck Fertility is 96% accurate compared to laboratory tests.

However, doctors say that there are four major factors that they look for when testing men's sperm: the number of the sperm, their shape, their mobility, and the volume of the ejaculate. In addition, men's sperm count can vary from week to week, causing alarm in some men and an unnecessary trip to the doctor when there may be nothing seriously wrong. In fact, doctors say that even if a man has a lower than normal sperm count, if the other factors are in place this might not matter. In general, they say to use the test with caution.

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