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Low Speed Vehicle Collisions Can Lead to a Serious Injury

When  most people think of serious injuries related to a car accident, they usually assume that the vehicles involved were traveling at very high rates of speed.  However, low speed crashes (speeds ranging from 1-2 mph up to 25 mph) can also lead to serious spinal and brain injuries, even with very little visible damage to the affected individual’s vehicle.  In fact, chiropractors suggest that crashes occurring at speeds less than 5 mph can lead to serious neck injuries.

How Low Speed Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Research has shown that in low speed accidents, the force of the impact is transferred directly to the driver rather than the vehicle.  Unfortunately, our vehicles do not begin to absorb the impact until reaching speeds of above 20 mph.  This can lead to whiplash, soft tissue damage to the spine, and serious brain injuries–injuries that can go unnoticed for years, or be written off as a factor of some other life experience, older age and bodily deterioration, or prior injury.

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries Following a Low-Speed Accident

Brain injuries are particularly tricky following a low-speed accident, as they may take time to notice.  For example, the Mayo Clinic suggests that mild traumatic brain injuries may take from a few days to a few weeks to notice following an accident.  Symptoms of mild brain injuries may include: loss of consciousness, vomiting, excessive sleepiness, sensitivity to light or sound, dizziness, depression, insomnia, headaches, memory  loss, and mood changes.  Similar signs are present with a more serious brain injury, but may also include convulsions or seizures, dilation in the pupils, clear fluids draining from eyes or nose, weakness, inability to awaken from sleep, and slurred speech.  Remember, a low-speed collision can cause serious bodily damage, particularly to the brain, and shouldn’t be discounted merely because it didn’t cause major damage to your vehicle.

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