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KFC will be forced to pay an Australian girl $8.3 million after she got a nasy surprise in her Twister wrap that led to her permanent brain damage. Monika Saaman ate a Twister wrap in October 2005 contaminated with salmonella, which resulted in a blood infection and septic shock. She was only seven at the time of the incident.

Several other family members also fell ill, but Monika's injuries were extensive including severe cognitive, motor and speech impairment, and spastic quadriplegia. According to the family's lawyer, Monika's injuries have drained the family's resources and it has become harder to care for her as she has grown. The New South Wales Supreme Court ruled in the family's favor a week ago and on Friday ordered KFC to pay the girl $8 million.

KFC says it will appeal the ruling but has yet to do so. During the trial, one of the justices said that the chicken became contaminated with salmonella when one of the employees failed to follow proper preparation rules.

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