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Homeless Women Receives Medical Malpractice Settlement 

A formerly homeless woman in L.A., Dyrene Loftis, was recently awarded a $7.5 million settlement against L.A. County-USC Medical Center.  She alleged that medical staff acted negligently the day of her labor and delivery, resulting in her baby’s brain damage.  Dyrene’s son, Micah Welch is now 1 1/2 years old and requires oxygen and assistance with eating and now lives in a long-term care facility.  Dyrene lives in a rent-subsidized apartment now and travels two hours to visit Micah several days a week.

Homeless Women Sent Home Without Obstetrical Care While in Labor

Accoring to her attorney, Dyrene was living at the Union Rescue Mission with her two other children when she went into labor at 39 weeks.  She rushed to the the hospital via ambulance with severe abdominal pains.  After laboring for 14 hours, she was discharged by hospital staff and did not receive obstetrical care.  She returned to the hospital 12 hours later with a ruptured uterus and her baby was delivered via C-section.  Uterine rupture is a serious catastrophic event that can lead to the deaths of both mother and child.  It occurs when the myometrial wall ruptures and the contents of the uterus may spill over into the perionatal cavity or broad ligament.  Such a rupture usually occurs during labor, but can also develop in the later stages of pregnancy.  The most common risk factor for uterine rupture is a previous C-section scar.

Woman Plans to Purchase Home, Pay Future Medical Expenses of Child

With her recent award settlement, Dyrene is taking her son out of the long-term care facility and hopes to purchase a home where she and her children can live.  She also stated that the money would go towards the medical care of her son, of which he will require a considerable amount.  Although she is happy that she has money to care for her son and have her children living in one home together, she is not happy about her son’s surely difficult life ahead.


  1. Gravatar for Jerome

    why does a homeless woman need three children? Does she have a husband?

  2. Gravatar for david mittleman
    david mittleman

    such compassion Jerome, i hope U never fall on hard times

  3. Gravatar for Joanne Guarino
    Joanne Guarino

    Jerome this went over your head!!! Doctors make mistakes but I have been homeless and I have been treated differently because of it

  4. Gravatar for Jewelline Brooks
    Jewelline Brooks

    Thats what you call justice. Although her son will never be alright, she can stay home and care for him. Thank you Jesus!! With no worries about where the next meal coming from..where she gone live and Nothing else! God is good!!

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