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Flint Water Treatment Plant Foreman Dead

Matthew McFarland, age 43, was found dead by a friend at this home April 16, 2016, when the friend went to visit him.  An autopsy was conducted but did not determine the immediate cause of death.  Authorities are waiting for toxicology results.  Three days before, two state officials and a Flint city administrator were criminally charged by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.  McFarland had worked for the City of Flint for over 18 years, and his death remains an open investigation.  He was to be questioned about what he knew concerning the water crisis.

Flint Woman Suing Over Poisoned Water Crisis Found Shot to Death in Her Home

Sasha Avonna Bell, age 19, was among the first to file a lawsuit on behalf of her young son regarding the Flint water crisis.  She was found dead, along with another woman, just days after McFarland.  A one-year-old was found unharmed in the home.  Her suit made allegations against government officials and six companies for causing her toddler to suffer from lead poisoning.

Mother Jones reported an extensive timeline  of events dating back to April 2014, when state emergency manager Darnell Earley, in an attempt to save money, oversaw Flint’s change from the Detroit water system to using the Flint River.  By summer, complaints about the tainted water were made known.  Governor Rick Snyder quickly switched emergency managers after a break-in at a City Hall executive office that contained documents related to the city’s water system.  When the documents were released, Bridge Magazine outlined which key Snyder aides knew what and when.  Suffice it to say, Michigan state workers in Flint were provided bottled water at least 6 months (maybe 9 months) before the Governor told the people in Flint about the lead poisoning.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Promises to Drink Flint Water; Promptly Proceeds Not to Drink Flint Water

In a bold move, on April 19, 2016, Governor Snyder claimed he and his wife Sue (get it, “sue”) would drink and cook with filtered Flint water for the next month, at work and at home, to show the people of Flint that the water is safe.  Four days later Snyder jetted off to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with, right, no Flint waterAnd so we all feel safe now, Michigan State Police officials are using online surveillance to track social media comments made about the Flint water crisis, according to emails released by the Governor’s office.  That’s right, folks, our government is watching you read my post right now.  Would you like to make a comment?

I would.  There is something going on here, People!  And now that I have your attention, you need to learn about “Dark Money.”  Read about John Engler’s Lieutenant Governor Dick Posthumus’s daughter, House Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons, but more important, read about the Michigan DeVos clan.  Yes, the DeVos family does a lot of good work on the surface, but it’s what may go on in the dark that concerns me.  Just as was the case in another famous cover up scandal, “follow the money.”


  1. Gravatar for Willie Paulsen
    Willie Paulsen

    Definitely very dark and evil forces at work to eliminate those that have critical information regarding the water issue. Disheartening to realize that we have an individual acting as Governor of our State that is of such low morals and high greed!

  2. Gravatar for Joyce Davenport
    Joyce Davenport

    David, are the police following upon these deaths. I am amazed the news stations have not picked up this. Please keep us informed. Have you shared this with A ABC , NBC, CBS, CNN. I was in broadcast news and this is a headliner.

  3. Gravatar for Christine

    As a result of not forcing Snyder out of office and indicting him, not only has a warehouse housing information about the Flint water crisis was burglarized, but two key figures are now dead for no apparent reasons. Then Rick tries to convince the citizens of Flint to start drinking the "SAFE" water again, but he vows to drink it himself for a month and suddenly had to leave the country immediately after. Rick's own task force has laid the blame at his feet, but his buddy the AG indicts three people who probably were ordered to do what they got indicted for. He doesn't even interview Rick for the investigation. Why isn't Rick and his staff in jail awaiting a trial? The longer those two are in power, the less safe the people of Flint are. Our legislation are watching this go on and appear to be paralyzed. RICK and his HENCHMEN are THUGS, and everyone is afraid to stand up to them.

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