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I've heard of some weird and dangerous bad habits, but this one might be the most disgusting. A Florida couple says that they are addicted to daily coffee enemas, so much so that they won't travel or leave their house for too long for fear of going without their multiple-day treatments. Although Mike and Trina don't drink coffee, they still have their preferences for the type and even temperature of the coffee they use for their enemas.

Trina claims that she suffered from multiple health problems, including digestive problems and problems with her kidneys and liver. She claims that after doing research on the Internet, she came across coffee enemas and decided to give it a try. She was instantly hooked and admits to doing at least 4 enemas per day, and has done as many as 9 or 10 in a 24-hour period. Mike was initially disgusted by the idea, but once he tried it, he was hooked, too. Now the couple averages about 100 enemas per month and has performed about 6,000 since starting their addiction two years ago.

Coffee enemas take up a lot of time, too, according to the couple. It takes about 5 hours of planning and executing each day to perform as many enemas as they do. To begin the process, they fill a 32-ounce bucket with coffee and pump it into their lower intestines using a vaseline-lubricated hose. To pass the time, Trina says that she plays Sudoku, tweet, and catches up on her favorite TV shows. Neither Trina nor her husband have visited the doctor since starting their habit and rarely leave their house.

Their families are concerned and they may have reason to be–caffeine can cause problems with dehydration and blood pressure, and with the amount the couple takes in, those issues are probably enhanced even further. Doctors say that there is also the danger of internal tearing anytime you insert something into the rectum and that using hot coffee could result in internal burns. Caffeine also causes the colon to contract and "move" feces along in the digestive track, but coffee can cause serious damage to the colon when injected directly. Luckily, the couple has gotten some help but Trina won't give it up. I'm always wary when I hear about some alternative way of healing the body (like Neti pots, for example) and this goes to show why.


  1. Gravatar for Sbul

    There are people who claim they got rid of cancer through this method (though not several xs a day but daily) and I know of two whom are in the late 80's and healthy. The woman had breast cancer (mastectomy) and chose the coffee enema over Chemo and Radiation and had no side effects from her coffee treatment and is over 15 years free of cancer. As far as Neti Pots there is a long history in the east of using this method (Nasal lavage) and many MD's are now advocating it because it is helpful for sinus infections, allergies, etc..

    The medical establishment does not want to admit that there are alternatives to seeing an MD and taking drugs researched by pharmaceutical companies.

  2. Gravatar for EndGame

    Sure. Just one big conspiracy to discourage people from shooting caffeinated beverages up their butts.

  3. Gravatar for Steve

    Please...Please...get an editor.

    Doctors say that there is also the danger of internal tearing *ANYTIME* you insert something into the rectum

    I'm always wary when I *HEAR* about some alternative

  4. Uh-oh, I got caught by the grammar and spelling police! Guess I don't need to hire an editor because I've got readers like you, Steve. Thanks! But if you get a chance, PLEASE, PLEASE check out the content of the blog, too. I think you might like it.

  5. Gravatar for Stacy, RN, CN, CH
    Stacy, RN, CN, CH

    First, any treatment that is taken to the extreme is likely to have side effects and problems. Second, in the hospital we give so many enemas; so it is not inherently dangerous, and I doubt that people are going to put "burning" hot coffee in their rectums. Third, there is strong anecdotal evidence that occasional coffee enemas can be healthful.

  6. Gravatar for D.

    Just wanted to add - one should be careful abou their coice of coffee because the type you choose could have been exposed to any and all types of insecticides or fertilizers some of which could cause cancer or even make you sterile.

    Coffee buyer - BEWARE!

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