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Consumer Reports Warns Users of NutriBullet Dangers

Surely you’ve seen the commercials for the NutriBullet, the “powerful” blender that promises to crush foods whole and provide you with a vitamin and mineral-dense smoothie.  However, Consumer Reports recently tested the promises of the NutriBullet 900 with a special durability test and ultimately ranked the device as a “safety hazard” for consumers because the blades on the product have the propensity to crack during use.  Who wants some broken metal pieces in their smoothie?  Sounds like a delicious addition!

Stop Using the NutriBullet, Say Some Safety Experts

Consumer Reports is so serious about their warnings of the NutriBullet 900 that they say consumers should immediately stop using the product if they already own it, and not to buy it if you don’t already have it in your possession.  However, the manufacturers of the NutriBullet 900 say that they haven’t received any complaints about their product and that they are confused over Consumer Reports’ recent review because they are using the same blades as on previous NutriBullet products, which received no warning.  In addition, the company also stated that Consumer Reports’ “durability test”, which includes crushing ice in the product without the addition of any liquids, constitutes a “misuse” of the product so it is an inaccurate assessment to say that the NutriBullet 900 is dangerous to consumers.

“Even the Toughest Ingredients Don’t Stand a Chance”: What Happened to That Slogan?

Despite the company’s protests about Consumer Reports’ testing of the NutriBullet 900 with ice, it seems that this runs counter to their slogan.  The company touts “even the toughest ingredients don’t stand a chance” when advertising the NutriBullet 900’s ability to crush foods whole.  Why isn’t ice included in this list of “toughest ingredients”?  In fact, Consumer Reports points out that the product’s manual even advises consumers that they can add ice to their smoothie recipes for a “slightly thicker consistency and nice chill”.  Nowhere in the manual are users warned not to use ice alone in the NutriBullet 900 without the addition of a liquid.  Just goes to show that you can’t trust everything you hear on TV.


  1. Gravatar for Karen Battoe
    Karen Battoe

    Yesterday I purchased two sets. What do I do when they arrive, next week. I paid for them upfront in full.

    I have friends that have them and they have never had a problem.

    Karen Battoe

  2. Gravatar for Lori

    this is obviously for the latest more powerful 900 watt Nutribullet. Most people that have the 600 watt shouldn't get to quick to condemn their current 600 watt bullet.

  3. Gravatar for Christina Jurado
    Christina Jurado

    this is such a bogus story ... no complaints have been received ... nutribullet 900 is wonderful and I love it!!!

  4. Gravatar for Kathryn

    What kind of "special" test did CR do?! I have thrown everything in it - nuts/apples/pineapple etc. and it preforms like a champ.

  5. Gravatar for Kathryn


    I have the 900

  6. Gravatar for Karen

    Don't buy, very dangerous. My neighbour's exploded in his face, he's lost sight in his eye and he may still lose his eye.It was the plastic lid shattered in the explosion and caused the injuries and damage. thus I'd no exaggeration - appalling, buyer beware!

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