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LANSING, MICHIGAN – A former Michigan professional, who can no longer perform his job as a result of his emotional injuries stemming from sexual abuse he endured as a child at a Lansing orphanage, has reached a settlement with the Catholic Diocese of Lansing. For decades, the victim involuntarily repressed all memory of the crimes. With the help of an attorney, he has received a $225,000 settlement. The priest, now deceased, had never been publicly accused before.


At a brief news conference, a recent $225,000 clergy sex abuse settlement involving the Catholic Diocese of Lansing and a now-deceased priest, who has never been publicly accused of abuse before, will be disclosed and discussed.


Wednesday, August 25, at 2:30 p.m.


At the law offices of Church Wyble, P.C., located at 2827 E. Saginaw, Lansing, MI 48912.


The attorney who represents the victim and settled the case. (Note: The victim, who at this time chooses to remain anonymous, will not be present. However, the victim has consented to release of certain details.)


A Michigan man, whose identity is not being disclosed at this time, was sexually abused by Fr. John Slowey at the St. Vincent’s orphanage in Lansing in 1954-1955. As an involuntary coping mechanism, the victim’s mind repressed all memories of the crimes until about 18 months ago.

Through his attorney, that victim last week reached and has been paid a $225,000 settlement by Catholic Diocese of Lansing.

Michigan’s draconian statute of limitations – and its interpretation by the appellate courts – makes it essentially impossible for most child sex victims to seek justice in court. Nonetheless, with the help of an attorney, this victim was able to receive some measure of compensation for his care and treatment, which was necessitated by the sexual abuse of Fr. John Slowey while he was a child.

The diocese’s lawyer is John Pirich.

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