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| Grewal Law, PLLC

By now many concerned parents have already thrown away their plastic baby bottles and water bottles that contain Bisphenol-A to protect their children from a known estrogenic compound linked to breast cancer and other reproductive problems. However, cancer experts are now raising an alarm over canned food, especially those with cartoon labels targeted at children, that also contain high levels of BPA.

BPA is a chemical used in manufacturing that has raised health concerns over its association with reproductive problems. Scientists believe that BPA may disrupt the body’s hormonal system since BPA mimics estrogen. However, there has been some controversy over whether the impact of BPA on animal bodies is the same as that on human bodies.

The Breast Cancer Fund recently released findings from a study on BPA in canned foods that showed that all canned products contained the chemical, even the organic brands. On average, most of the canned products contained 49 parts per billion of BPA, but Campbell’s Disney Princess Cool Shapes topped the list at 148 parts per billion. BPA is widely used in the manufacturing of canned products in the resin linings to block metal in the can from leaching into food and making it taste metallic. Amidst the controversy over the effects of BPA, the Food and Drug Administration says it is working on an alternative to the chemical in food products.

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