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| Grewal Law, PLLC

As an avid Spartan fan, I hate to ever utter the words "Go Blue!", but in the spirit of fighting prostate cancer, I will. September is prostate cancer awareness month, and as a two-year survivor, I take the issue very seriously. With an approximate 33,000 men killed by the disease each year, it is time that we take notice of this very serious disease.

Similar to the "go pink" campaign to support breast cancer awareness, other men affected by the disease are following suit and starting the "go blue" campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Unfortunately, while prostate cancer impacts a large number of men, it is still underreported and screenings are underfunded. But you can help to spread awareness of the disease by wearing a blue ribbon, necktie or wristband this month.

The Blue Cure Foundation is dedicated to promoting screenings for prostate cancer starting at age 30 (rather than 40), leading a healthy lifestyle, and supporting research to find a cure. By promoting prostate cancer awareness this month especially, we can help more men detect the disease before it is too late, or take steps to prevent the disease altogether by changing our lifestyles. Please join with me, as well as many others, in saying "GO BLUE!" and supporting prostate cancer awareness month.

Next month is breast cancer awareness month, and I will also discuss the importance of increasing awareness of this disease then.

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