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Staff Shortages Hit Hospitals

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Hospital staff shortages are causing at hospitals to close beds.  In Michigan, two of the largest health systems, Beaumont Health and Henry Ford Health System, have recently announced closure of a combined 300 beds, 180 and 120 respectively.

The national shortage of staff, in particular nursing, staff pre-existed the pandemic and has only exacerbated by Covid-19.  Nationally, demand for intensive care and emergency nurses increased 186% during 2020.  It comes due to a combined effect of early retirement/burn out and the increase demand for one to one patient care requiring specialized training to operate machines such as ECMO.

ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, oxygenates a patient’s blood outside then pumping it back in.  This machine is the highest level of life support available to patients as it basically functions as a heart and lung outside the body.  Patients receiving care on ECMO must receive one-on-one nursing care 24 hours a day and requires the most attention.  The labor-intensive process further pushes to high rate of burn-out amongst nurses and thereby forcing the cycle to repeat.

While some hospitals have taken the step to limit hospital beds, others are forcing nurses to far exceed the 1:1 requirement.  At a recent evening in a Metro-Detroit area hospital a nurse identified that the ICU department was so short staffed that they were on a 3:1 ratio, with several patients on ECMO machines and the entire Emergency Department was staffed with only 2 nurses.

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  1. Gravatar for Cindy Witt
    Cindy Witt

    So what you want to do is this: knowing FLU season is coming and there is a purported rise in Delta cases, is DEMAND your medical personnel get injected with something that has INCREDIBLE numbers of dead and permanently injured (neurological disorders, blood clots/strokes, increases of fast moving cancers, heart damage, etc, etc, etc)……and NOT expect that you will lose a SIGNIFICANT amount of those medical professionals who have actually WITNESSED vaccine damages done to those who were injected.

    Never been a conspiracy person……..however, NOONE with half a brain can watch what is going on in our country and worldwide and NOT see that a diabolical agenda is being fulfilled to destroy Western Countries and their economies.

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