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A ridiculous new exercise craze is causing concern among doctors who worry about the health of women who have caught onto the fad. Research shows that women are perceived as more sexy when they wear high heeled shoes, but would you ever consider wearing them while you sweat and jump around? Well, that's exactly what some women are doing and the exact reason that doctors are concerned.

Okay, well maybe the workout doesn't consist of jumping around and sweating too heavily, but it can still cause injuries. The class is called "Heel Hop" and costs about $15 per weekly session. Kamilah Barrett, 35, teaches participants her 10 signature moves to supposedly re-train the foot to decrease the amount of shock impact while walking and align the spine, all while walking sexy. Other classes such as Stiletto Fitness in Kansas City, MO offer a serious calorie burn while wearing high heels–women practice their walk, engage in strength training exercises such as squats, and dance through sequences.

Overall, it's not the best idea to wear high heels while working out. Jumping around while wearing high heels, or even doing moderate impact exercises, can lead to injuries especially to your knees and lower back. If you're still dying to try one of these classes, try wearing character shoes instead which have a thicker heel or inserting foot pedals to add more cushion.

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