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There are a few conditions during pregnancy that can result in severe blood loss in both Mom and to a newborn baby.  Placenta previa is one such condition.  This is an uncommon, but not rare condition, which has the potential to affect any family.  Even though there is no known cure for placenta previa, when a timely prenatal diagnosis is made, catastrophic complications to Mom and to the baby are usually avoidable. 

Placenta previa is a condition where the placenta either totally or partially covers the mother’s cervix (i.e., the birth canal opening).  This condition can lead to severe bleeding during the pregnancy and at the time of delivery.  Mom’s with placenta previa sometimes experience bouts of bleeding during the pregnancy, which may be minimal or heavy, and this usually leads to careful and thorough ultrasound imaging.  Once placenta previa is properly diagnosed, treatment may include bed rest, the avoidance of vaginal examinations and additional abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound.  Delivery, if the placenta previa does not resolve, is almost always via Casearan section.   Placenta previa is a condition that requires timely diagnosis and management, for the safety of both Mom and the baby.

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