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Pancreatic Cancer – Physician Study Continues
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Pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in more than sixty thousand people annually (60,000), yet it currently defies knowledge of a precise cause.  It also remains difficult to diagnose in the early stages as symptoms may not be present until the disease is at an advanced stage.  Some individuals do have symptoms and those may include things like: Nausea, Vomiting, Poor Appetite, Gallbladder Problems, Diabetes, Jaundice, Blood Clot(s), Dark Urine or even changes in the color and consistency of stool.  According to the American Cancer Society, there does appear to be a link between smoking, diabetes, obesity and family history relative to the development of pancreatic cancer.  Environmental carcinogens are also believed to be associated with the development of pancreatic cancer.  Can Pancreatic Cancer Be Prevented?  Surgery remains a common treatment option for many individuals.  

Physicians advise that in order to decrease your risk of developing this cancer, daily physical activity, cessation of smoking, decreased alcohol intake and dietary additions including kale, blueberries or oranges are recommended.  Hopefully, a curative treatment can be found for this cancer, which affect too many of our friends and family members.

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