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A St. Charles County couple has filed a lawsuit against Walgreen’s for a prescription error that led to the miscarriage of their own born child.

The medical malpractice and wrongful death suit was filed on Tuesday.

On March 6th, she went to an O’Fallon Walgreen’s with a prescription for Maturna – a pre-natal vitamin. But, the prescription was “negligently and carelessly misfiled” and she ended up with a prescription for Matulane – a chemotherapy drug used in Hodgkin’s disease treatment.

The lawsuit says Matulane interferes with the cell growth and fetus development. She was suffering symptoms such as chills, shortness of breath and vomiting. Upon seeing her doctor she was informed the fetus was not developing properly. On April 2, she miscarried.

A lawyer representing the couple says the miscarriage was a direct result of a prescription error made by Walgreen’s.

Carol Hively, a Walgreen’s spokesperson, issued a statement reading, “We have not seen the complaint and we typically don’t comment on pending litigation, but errors are very rare and we investigate any report of an error. We have a multi-step prescription filling process, with numerous safety checks in each step, to reduce the chance of human error. We’re very sorry this miscarriage occurred and our sympathy goes out to the Givenses.”


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