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Pregnancy can be a difficult time.  Expectant mothers are often struggling to stay comfortable through physical changes while always wanting to do what’s best for their baby.  Pregnancy-related nausea, usually referred to as “morning sickness,” affects many women and can be quite severe.  GlaxoSmithKline, now known as GSK, believed it had an answer to morning sickness in its anti-nausea pill Zofran (generic ondansetron). What GSK did next has harmed thousands of families and severely injured and impaired countless children.

Zofran Not Approved For Use in Pregnant Women

Zofran was developed by GSK and approved by the FDA to help alleviate serious nausea in chemotherapy and post-surgical patients. Although Zofran was not proven safe for use by pregnant women, GSK began to market it as a solution to morning sickness.  Since then, a strong correlation has developed between taking Zofran during pregnancy and an increased risk of serious birth defects.

Serious, Permanent Injuries

The use of Zofran is now associated with major birth defects in newborns.  Among the most serious conditions are cleft palate, heart defects, and bone abnormalities.  These conditions can permanently impair children throughout their lives.  The cost of treating and correcting these birth defects can be financially ruinous for families.  Zofran has also been linked to serious complications in pregnant women, including abnormal heart rhythm, fainting, and difficulty breathing.

Compensation May Be Available

If you or a family member took Zofran during pregnancy, you may be entitled to compensation.  Drug litigation, especially in Michigan, can be very complicated.  An attorney can assist you in evaluating whether you may have a claim.

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