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Watch Out for “Natural Supplements” and Their Manufacturers

Recent evidence uncovered by USA Today suggests that the makers of so-called “natural” supplements have criminal backgrounds and that the label “natural” doesn’t equate to safe.  Take, for example, Dr. Larry’s Tranquility Pills which promise insomniacs a restful night’s sleep.  However, what “Dr. Larry” didn’t let on is that his magical sleep concoction contained traces of an anti-psychotic prescription medication and an anti-depressant and sleep medication.  In addition, Dr. Larry isn’t a doctor at all–he’s an unlicensed chiropractor that was forced to give up his license when he was found guilty of grand theft and insurance fraud.

Case Not Isolated, Investigation Uncovers Wide Array of Dietary Supplements Spiked 

Unfortunately, Dr. Larry’s case isn’t an isolated incident.  The USA Today found that many other natural supplement companies are run by individuals with criminal histories, and that consumers are entrusting their health and well-being to people with bad track records when purchasing these magical pills.  For example, supplement company executives’ criminal histories include crimes for narcotic drugs, barbiturates, crack cocaine, Ecstacy, human growth hormones and steroids.

Likely Many More Unsafe Natural Supplements

The USA Today has investigated over 100 supplement companies that have been caught selling supplements secretly spiked with drugs and potentially dangerous chemicals.  There are likely many more companies and their executives with spotty histories, but most of these executives claim that their pasts do not reflect on them today or prevent them from making effective and safe supplements.  However, consumers who have used these contaminated natural supplements have suffered adverse side effects including severe bleeding, diabetes deregulation, liver damage, strokes and even death.  Unfortunately, supplements are under-regulated by the FDA, so it’s up to consumers to do their homework and avoid natural supplements.

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