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Good news for those with diabetes: a new study suggests that using topical statins may help those with diabetes. The ointment containing simvastatin healed mice with genetic diabetes that suffered from skin wounds, providing hope to researchers that similar effects would be found in humans.

Humans with diabetes, the body does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin, a hormone. The lack of the hormone results in a build up of sugar in the blood, which can harm blood vessels and nerves. Complications include skin ulcers and impaired wound healing time. However, the simvastatin can help increase the growth of new blood and lymphatic vessels, which carry lymph fluid through the body and support the immune system. The current study also found that simvastatins which are used topically have fewer side effects than those taken orally.

Overall, the current study found that the wounds of the mice that received the topical simvastin were healed 79.26%. In comparison, the other group of mice that received petroleum jellly to treat their wounds, were only 52.45% healed. However, more research still needs to be conducted as this was only a study with mice and there are still questions about the concentration of medication and the frequency of application to wounds in humans.

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