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In what could be another big blow to Big Tobacco, the Senate has voted to consider a measure that would permit the Food and Drug Administration to exercise greater oversight over the industry. The bill is similar to one that recently passed the House of Representatives and would enhance the FDA’s authority to regulate the packaging, manufacturing, and marketing of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Reaction from cigarette manufacturers has ranged from tepid support to staunch opposition.

Tobacco companies have long been under fire for withholding information about the addictive properties of tobacco products and their link to diseases such as lung cancer. The recent action by Congress appears to be a clear victory for public health advocates and has been widely supported by organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

For smokers who have decided to quit, there are a number of resources available to help in the process. In Michigan, the Department of Community Health spearheads the effort to reduce tobacco-related health problems. The state offers a free "quit kit" and information about potential insurance coverage for smoking cessation attempts.

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    This would go a long way towards righting the wrongs caused by tobacco, but the subsidies will still have to be dealt with.

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